Provisional License

Get ahead of the game by applying for your provisional license up to three months before your 17th birthday – or as soon as you’re 16, if you’re disabled and receiving mobility allowance you can do this online or with the D1 form that is available from post office.

Eyes sight requirement

The DSA requirement for learner driver is to be able to read number plates in good daylight from 20.5 metres away-that’s about five cars length. For new style number plates (that were introduced on September 2001), the distance is 20 metres. If you are short or long sited and need glasses for driving make sure you always wear them whilst driving.

Get behind the wheel

Here are some tips before you get behind the wheel.

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Learner Drivers


Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

Currently still a learner. Sophie is an excellent instructor. -She is very patient, firm, very understanding, honest but yet very friendly. -She is very comfortable to learn with. She teaches me how to drive safely, correctly and confidently and not just for the sake of me passing my test. – Her instructions are very straight and clear to understand. -Pays very good attention to my driving and weaknesses and at the end of the lessons we work on it and find solution for it. Would Highly Recommend Sophie as an instructor. Thank you Sophie.

Neha Khadun

I’m so glad I found Sophie to teach me to drive. She is an amazing instructor, she makes you feel comfortable, and is understanding about any mistakes or parts you’re struggling on. I can’t wait to finish learning and know that I’ve got all the skills to be a good and careful driver.

Siobhan Hegarty

Sophie was an amazing instructor, teaching me not only how to pass my test, but also how to be a sensible, careful and considerate driver. Learning in my 40s would’ve been so difficult if I didn’t have Sophie by my side to guide me through the process. She is friendly, genuine, warm-hearted and a brilliant tutor too.

arthur radd

I would 1000% recommend Sophie as an instructor. I hadn’t driven in over 9 months after i failed, and my confidence was lacking. I found Metro driving school a week before my test date, and Sophie’s clear teaching style, knowledge of the area, and positivity helped me get a pass in just a week of intense learning. I definitely would’ve passed first time if I started with her beforehand.

Mikey Media

A must go to if you’re looking to pass your test. My instructor Sophie was amazing, her teaching techniques were very good made me feel comfortable coming from a different driving school to Metro. I would highly recommend if you want to learn how to drive and get on the roads ASAP Metro is the place.

Nathaneal Howe

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